The primary purpose of The American Institute of Biophysics

The mission of the American Institute of Biophysics is to enhance the educational experiences in the field of Biophysics and related sciences for both the professional community and the general public.

Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle's Vision:

Dr. Marrongelle is committed to developing educational and clinical evidence demonstrating the significant impact of intentional Biophysics on mammalian physiology.

Dr. Jeffrey shares,

"As I approach the twilight of my professional career, I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life to the development of educational and clinical evidence of the tremendous impact that Intentional Biophysics has on mammalian physiology."

"Join me in exploring the fascinating and complex world of biophysics that continuously reveals new dimensions of understanding life's intricate processes."

"Please read on and explore the fascinating world of biophysics that Fritz-Albert Popp and others have pioneered."

Best wishes for vibrant health and profound insights,
Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle

Core Areas of Focus and Research:

Fritz-Albert Popp ( (1938 – 2018) A German theoretical physicist and pioneering quantum biophysicist and biologist, who was appointed as a professor at Marburg University from 1973 to 1980 and went on to establish the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany.

During the mid-1970s, Prof Popp picked up research by a Russian embryologist, Alexander Gurwitsch, who in 1922 was the first to discover the existence of ultra-weak light emissions in living cells (from onion roots) that he referred to as mitogenic radiation.

Popp went on to find these ultra-weak light emissions occurred in all living systems and renamed them biophotons. Over many years he developed his biophoton theory of life that proposes that coherent light emissions functioning in the quantum plane are the primary controllers of biochemical and molecular processes.

The work of Popp’s research group found that a cell’s DNA was the most important source of biophotonic emission. Popp went on to consider the connection between the cell radiation and consciousness.

Further Exploration:

(that's where we enter the picture)

Thanks in large part to the engineers, biophysicists and quantum biologists who pioneered the emerging field of frequency medicine,(most of whom were ridiculed, ostracized or dismissed during their careers,)there is now an increasing understanding within the scientific community that plausible explanations of life must diverge from the prevailing biochemical, molecular, genetic and Newtonian-Cartesian concepts.

Any exploration that seeks to find better or more complete explanations for life lead one to the field of biophysics — itself a discipline of huge diversity, about which there is still little general consensus [source material].

It’s the findings from this rapidly emerging discipline that consistently reveal that the much-studied biochemical and molecular processes in all living systems are entirely dependent on electrical and electromagnetic energies, that have been much less well-researched.

But this is exactly what one might expect from Einstein’s general theory of relativity, given the interchangeability of energy and matter.

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